October 29, 2004 at 6:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I realized that I hit 100,000 words written sometime this week. Maybe last week. I’m now at 105,891. And it only took me 6 months. So, half that is 3 months. Now, I’m going to squeeze 3 months into 30 days. *Gulp*

“MikeyJames and the NannerPeach” is now listed to the left as Inanna’s NaNoWriMo. If you were on Michael’s blog the other day, then you know how this came about. If not, then here’s the story.

Michael had blogged about bathroom etiquette and had gone on to discuss some of his quirks. Such as, liking prime numbers and not liking any fruit which starts with the letter “P.” “Don’t care for peaches, plums, pears, papaya, pomegranates, persimmons. Pineapple’s the worst – yecch.”

Jack commented “LMAO. Too funny. And you don’t like peaches? Dude. I can eat a peach for hours.”

Michael responded with, “Jack, yeah, peaches are awright… starting to like ’em more, but put me on a desert isle w/only pineapple trees and I’d starve.”

I said, “… ahem, dude, I think Jack meant a different kind of peach…or is that just my dirty mind?” (To which Kate agreed later.)

And Mike responded with, “Inanna, I’ll be James and you be the Giant Peach.”

So, that’s how I got the title, “MikeyJames and the NannerPeach.”

Then that gave me the idea for the heroine’s name, Nanon Peche. For your French speakers you know that means, sorta, Grace Peach. Hahahaha!!! The antagonist, rather one of them, is Dutch Birne. For German speakers you’ll now Dutch means “The German” and birne means “pear.” The company they work for is “Grenada Science and Technology Center.” Grenada means, come on you Spanish speakers… Pomegranate.

I’m sure you’re wondering about Mikey and James. Well, its probably going to be like a Larry, Daryl and Daryl thing. Haven’t quite figured that out yet, but you can bet that one of them will have the last name of “Ananas” and that’s German, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian for… pineapple. (Ah, the apple of pine eye) How about Kakis? Looks Greek doesn’t it? No, its French for persimmon. (Would he always wear khakis?) How about Plomme? French for plum, much better than Pflaume, which is the German version. (This has just plum tuckered me out) Well??

Yep. I need laid.

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