Please Let It End Peacefully

October 27, 2004 at 7:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Some of you may have read that one of the peeps who belongs to West Virginia’s Republican delegation to the Electoral College is thinking of swinging his vote. Ritchie Robb is the mayor of the neighboring town of South Charleston. He’s a good mayor and he’s been elected numerous times, at least the last 10 years, hell, maybe 20. Ahhh, the much loved Robb. Well, I don’t care much for him but that’s a personal matter.

Anyway, Robb has made it clear that if President Bush wins West Virginia’s popular vote that he will NOT give him his electoral vote. OH THE HUMANITY!!!! They think that other peeps may follow suit in other states.

This is how I feel about it: If Bush gets, say, 3/4 of the vote and Kerry 1/4, then by all means, cast your one vote for Kerry. If Bush gets 7/8 of the vote and Kerry 1/8, still, by all means, cast your one vote for Kerry. But… if it means an election fiasco like last year, cast your damn vote for Bush and shut up.

I am so sick of this election I may slit my wrists by Tuesday at midnight, okay maybe nothing that extreme. Perhaps I’ll just wish I did but to think the election may go on like it did last year is simply and grossly, unthinkable.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know… this may mean sweeping changes in the Electoral College. Robb’s actions may change how votes are counted for all eternity of America. BARF!!!

I would also appreciate it if the news sources would cease “calling” states for one candidate or the other until ALL THE VOTES ARE IN!!!! What a fucocktomy that caused four years ago. If there is a distinct demarcation between the votes then… m’kay. But in West Virginia most of the votes are centered in four counties and they’re always the last to come in and it could make a huge difference, like 500,000 votes.

Yet somehow I have this sinking feeling that I may want to stock up on mind-altering drugs directly after I vote so as to withstand the nail biting suspense and sure to follow finger pointing, lawsuits and Supreme Court intervention.

Can’t we all just get along??? Someone pass the Xanax.

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