Should I? Can I?

October 22, 2004 at 11:48 am (Uncategorized)

I found tickets online for $700.00 a piece from Cincinnati to Frankfurt, Germany. I would have to purchase them by December 2nd. We normally get our bonuses at Thanksgiving. Bonuses are almost a lock this year because we’ve had a great year.

The reasons I shouldn’t:

1. I could use $1400.00 for something else, like catching up on bills and feeling a little more secure.
2. I could have a little nest egg for expenses that crop up, like tires and oil changes and school lunches.
3. It would pay for about three semesters of classes at the local college.
4. I could pay off about half of what is owed on my car.

The reasons I should:

1. My Oma is 87 years old. She won’t live forever.
2. This would be the first time my entire family, the German one, would be together since 1991 when my baby sister got married. Well, Oma wasn’t there, but the rest of us were.
3. You only live once.
4. I haven’t seen my nephews since 2000, and they live in Texas!
5. Nate and I could fly roundtrip to Texas for half the cost of flying to Germany but that then negates 3/4 of the family.
6. My brother, the German one, said he will keep my secret so it would be a major surprise for my parents and we can stay with him.
7. My real mom said she would ditch Christmas gifts and give us cash for the trip.
8. The trip wouldn’t use up all of my bonus. I would still have a little over $600.00 for bills.
9. It makes me cry to think of going home for Christmas.

I think that kind of made my mind up. Now, to get Nate’s dad to agree to give up Christmas….


  1. Cattiva said,

    Reading through this I was already planning to comment with #3. But see, you know this.

    I say go for it, take a fabulous trip, take lots of pictures.

    You’ll still have money left over for bills. You and Nate deserve this.

  2. Trashman said,

    3. You only live once.
    Unless you believe in reincarnation. But each life is seperate.

  3. Celti said,

    do it, dribbly turkey!

  4. Jamie said,

    Two of my first words were Oma and Opa. I say GO. I almost cried reading your reasons to go. I think you would regret NOT going. So GO.

    My two cents.

  5. Inanna said,

    Catt – Yes, I know this… sometimes I just need convincing.

    T-Man – I do believe in reincarnation… but each life is separate so, #3.

    Celti – Dribbly, dribbly, dribbly to Germany
    Ver da vursties are alvays tasty

    Jamie – Awwww… didn’t mean to make you cry or get all snotty on me… it looks like I’m going. Just cross fingers for the bonus big enough to do it.

  6. Michael said,

    I think you answered for yourself. I say go. You’ll never forget a trip like that. But if you didn’t go, you won’t say, well, I’m glad we didn’t ’cause we paid some bills… Auf viedesehn!

  7. Aimee said,

    I’m with all of them–GO!

  8. Tsarina said,

    Take lots of pictures (and avoid the Roy Orbison clingfilm freak)!

  9. Inanna said,

    Michael – Now, there’s the way to look at things.

    Aimee – Follwing the herd huh :o)

    Tsarina – I will steer clear of the Dusseldorf area… for sure!!!!

  10. Anonymous said,

    If I had $700 I’d go with ya girl! GO FOR IT!

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