October 17, 2004 at 10:24 am (Uncategorized)

Sunday… my first Sunday alone for three weeks. I slept in, kinda. The alarm went off a lot and I hit the snooze button a lot. I can’t just sleep, sleep, sleep or I feel crappy. I have a slight headache this morning from drinking wine last night. I blogged but it was a bunch of crap about how well I give head and what a whore I am in the bedroom and I just summed it up in one sentence.

Today’s Song of the Day: Serenity – Godsmack

Its on the radio and its been the theme song of my life for the past 10 months.

Today’s Album of the Day: Greatest – Bee Gees (Disc 1) (Released 1979)

I still love this album and my mom was kind enough to burn Disc 1 on CD for me. She loved it so much she acutally bought the CD… we do have something in common!! Tragedy is my favorite song and I love to dance to it. Just give me a lot of space.

Today’s Book(s) of the Day: The Little House Series – Laura Ingalls Wilder (Published between 1932 and ?)

What came first? The television series or me reading the true stories? Answer: The Series. I read the books sometime during the middle of the series. One of the best investments my parents ever made. I still love these books and my mom has my boxed set at her house, minus, I think, “By the Shores of Silver Lake.” I need to get with the program and make it a complete set again.

I need to go unearth the coffee pot and some ibuprofen for that twinge of a headache I have, not to mention my right shoulder, which is popping and cracking and making my back sore. Peace and Serenity peeps.


  1. Trashman said,

    Yo where is the blog about the heaad whore thing. We want to read that. 🙂

  2. Inanna said,

    My, my aren’t we getting demanding this weekend… “You need to put Yankee in there… real chili don’t have beans..” Now this? Hmmmmmm… I’ll think about it.

  3. Trashman said,

    I could have sworn my email was listed. Gonna go and try to fix that. I know there’s a link in the comments thing.

  4. Trashman said,


  5. Inanna said,

    ACK!!! I’m such a blonde. Will look around for your comments elsewhere. I need haloscan!!

  6. Trashman said,

    Just emailed you.

  7. Zelda said,

    Those are the best books ever. We didn’t have television when I was a kid so I only read the books for the longest time. They should be required reading for every kid in 4th grade and older. My dad loved them too. He stayed up every night for a week reading them when we first got the set.

  8. Gooch said,

    Your post reminds me of an age-old conundrum.

    You meet a woman who gives absolutely amazing, mind-blowing (pun intended) head.

    Then you stop and wonder to yourself, “How exactly did she get so good at this?”

  9. Tsarina said,

    Oh, my gosh; I was just talking about those books Friday! I was telling someone that when I was teaching U.S. History, I read “Little House in the Big Woods” to my kids when we were studying that period in history. I’d read for 10-15 minutes at the end of each class; they loved it, and it made history seem more real to them! I’m so glad I’m not alone in my love of the series (both book and TV)!

  10. Inanna said,

    Zelda – We had TV as a kid and I still preferred reading. Its something great you can share with Gwennie and Emma!!

    Gooch – Answered your conundrum in my newest post.

    Tsarina – That sounds awesome!!!! One day I will be as great a teacher as you, alhtough I don’t think that’s possible!!!

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