Quantum Physics & Magick

October 14, 2004 at 12:48 am (Uncategorized)

*This is a hard post to read and has a ton of science stuff in it. The real interesting theories are at the bottom – additionally, I will probably include something from this post in my next scavenger hunt :o)*

Recently I became very interested in theories relating to quantum physics and magick. Aleister Crowley defined magick as: “The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

Notice he said Science. I am not a Crowley fan so that’s the only reference I will make to him.

Let me throw out some definitions so I won’t scare you away (or will I?)

Physics – The study of the way matter interacts with other matter. For example: Gravity and the corresponding “G-forces”, velocity (speed and direction)… maybe they’ll start doing studies of the affects of negative, positive, and lateral G-forces and acceleration on repetitive roller coaster riders. Negative G’s is when your butt comes off the seat of the roller coaster, postive G’s is when you feel exceptionally heavy at the bottom of a hill and lateral G’s are caused by the banking turns of the coaster. There is also the centripetal force requirement which is based on Newton’s Second Law of Motion when you do loops but I won’t go into that here.

Quantum Physics – The study of the way very small matter interacts with one another.

Damn, I didn’t know this would actually turn into a science lesson. Anyway, to explain quantum physics further…

An atom consists of a nucleus, which is made up of neutrons and protons. Electrons are the nifty little particles that circle the nucleus.

Protons and neutrons each contain three quarks. The even smaller particles that hold all of this together are gluons. So the number of quarks in an atom is dependent upon the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. Got that?

Okay, so what does all this have to do with magick? Ummm… I forgot. Oh, wait, that was what this post was supposed to be about!

So, why do I even care right? I care because some of my spells work and some don’t. For example: I have had 100% success rate with my Attraction Spell. I mean, this really, really works. It is a very basic spell meant, in theory and in practice, to alter my perception of myself in order to draw people to me. Men, that is.

This is a very important thing to me. Under my Code of Ethics, I cannot attempt to alter another person’s perception of me through them. If I want to alter my perception of myself to them, then I must alter myself. Got it? It falls under my theory that “Positivity draws positivity.” Period. Putting the best foot forward and concentrating on my postive qualities.

Now you want to know what all this has to do with quantum physics. Some believe it is the explanation why magick works, why miracles happen, why prayers work. It has to do with the probability.

Here we dive into quantum theory. I’ve read quite a bit about it online and have found this source to be the most readable and understandable and I’ll try my best to even simplify it further.

Part of quantum theory is that a particle that operates or obeys quantum theory, such as the electron, can be in two places at once.

I’m assuming this is why you really can’t “map” the particle, you can only make a reasonable guess or a “probability” as to what its going to do and where its going to be. Furthermore, the particle, not only can be in two places at once but can also perform a “quantum jump” in which it can disappear from one place and appear in another without crossing the distance between the two. (Remember the TV show “Quantum Leap”?)

Furthermore, the variables attached to the particle, operating under the quantum theory, are momentum and position. The problem is, if you measure one with reasonable accuracy, you cannot measure the other. The more accurate your readings become on one, the less accurate they become on the other, yet, they are dependent upon one another. I know, my head is spinning.

In addition to all that, and a few things I left out, is The Observer-Dependent Universe, our observations creating our reality. Your reality is not my reality yet perhaps the “collective consciousness” makes us believe that.

Now, since we are all made of atoms and quarks and gluons, we are an unstable phenomena. Based on quantum theory, our particles can appear and reappear in different places, not only that, they can be in two places at once. Did you get that??? Parts of our bodies can be in two places at once. Amazing isn’t it? Of course, this is on a subatomic level. Part of me wonders at this point, if this could be more of an explanation for distant metastases in cancer patients more so than the medical science of transmission by blood vessels or the lymphatic system. Although the cancer cells and microorganisms are made of the exact same things… the same unstable quarks, electrons and gluons. Hmmmm… ack! Enough of medical theories.

Back to magick. Now children, quantum physics and its theories give rise to other theories, namely, parallel universes. Yes, other dimensions. Psychics and researchers of the paranormal have long suspected a or many parallel universes. Even Einstein theorized this. And this is due to quantum physics, the ability of electrons to be in two places at once and for them to disappear and reappear without having crossed the distance between the two.

I have long believed in a parallel universe. Perhaps I seek it, quantum physics and its relation to magick, the manipulation of reality by perception and observation and Jung’s position on synchronicity, which states: Synchronistic phenomena prove the simultaneous occurrence of meaningful equivalences in causally unrelated processes; in other words, they prove that a content perceived by an observer can, at the same time, be represented by an outside event, without any causal connection. From this it follows either that the psyche cannot be localized in time, or that space is relative to the psyche, to explain why I am the way I am.

Ahhhh synchronicity. Other than a few oddballs, and I say that with upmost love and affection, has it dawned on any of you, that for the most part, we all started our blogs about the same time? That for the most part, we all came to know each other through the now defunct “TJ’s Place?” That for the most part, we are at a point in our lives, regardless of where we live, our ethnicities, political views, marital status, age and gender, where we sort of needed each other? That we needed to know that we’re part of a greater group of peeps who, basically, think alike?

That is synchronicity.

As for magick and science, I have longed to know how and why I am the way I am. I loathe to use the term psychic. T-Bird coined me, “An Intuition Specialist.” LOL!! I like it. Is it my high Emotional Intelligence? Which is scientifically accepted!! How am I “reading” the human psyche? Not, body language, I’m reading your feelings!! Am I receptive in some way to those quantum particles which contain information about you and then they bond with my particles? What, do I catch feelings like the flu or a bad cold? Or is it a rift in the veil between worlds which allows me to see into your future and your past? Am I able to commuicate with the parallel universe or many dimensions because my quantum particles can become more “excited” and therefore vibrate faster and naturally, as something vibrates faster, it vibrates on a higher frequency.

Is this why magick works? Am I able to interrupt the cycle of probabilities in the quarks and manipulate them to form my own reality? If we could harness the capabilities of our subatomic particles, could we in fact, 1) be in two places at once and 2) be able to disappear and reappear in a different place without having physically, or what we think is physical, moved? Will it be possible in the future to create that rift between the universes? Would we want to? Will time travel actually be possible? Or do we travel to these parallel universes all the time as we sleep?

Dreams are full of symbols and rarely mean what we see in them. Is this the language of our alternate realm? Are the symbols really a conversation encouraging us to form our own reality? To warn us? To show us the future? Like when I dreamt that the newest edition to my family would be a girl? Are we able, when free of our perceived physical limitations, to travel to other dimensions?

I found two books I’d like to get. One is Universe and Multiple Reality: A Physical Explanation for Manifesting, Magick and Miracles, the other is The Great Beyond: Higher Dimensions, Parallel Universes and the Extraordinary Search for the Theory of Everything. You know, just for a bit of light reading. Do I sound like Hermione Granger or what? I think I’ll go bond myself to some subatomic particles of tequila.

And remember this peeps, you never know when someone’s particles are jumping on your particles…. so be careful out there.


  1. Trashman said,

    I was pretty much lost after this line “I will probably include something from this post in my next scavenger hunt :o)*”
    I just want to know if you can make me rich?

  2. Inanna said,

    LOL, I can’t even make myself rich!! Although I do have some success with money spells when I’m in a bind. Given your last couple of posts, I think you’re a pretty “rich” man these days but I think you realize that.

  3. Cattiva said,

    Ouch. My head hurts.

    Seriously, do you think that the attraction spell works due to Quantum physics and other complicated theories, or is it just that you are more self confident, and thus attractive, because you believe that it does?

  4. Inanna said,

    Cattiva, that’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out. Is it just that I am more confidant and confidant that the spell will work or am I shaping my own reality my the manipulation of the subatomic particles in my body? Are they really the same thing?

    I’m so glad someone read this, it took me three hours. Anyway, here’s a thought… if electrons can disappear and reappear without covering the physical distance a) where do they go? and b) how do we know that its the same electron that left? How do we not know that the electron that returned is not from another source?

    Just my theories and questions. I think they are researching how this may explain telepathy, deja vu, etc. The transfer of subatomic particles between sources. At least, I THINK, that’s how they’re explaining it. I really don’t know. 🙂 (Sheepish grin)

  5. Celti said,

    Wow, how totally fascinating, Inanna! I have agonized over why certain spells work and others do not. This completely makes sense! Thank you for the insight as now I can do a little running with it.

    Bond yourself to some subatomic particles of tequila – you crack me up!

    Is my wonderful prize in the mail? No, I’m not anxious or anything…and no, I haven’t checked my e-mail. Whap! Bad Celti!

  6. Inanna said,

    Celti!!!! I knew you might like this 😉 But I’m such, I mean SUCH a doofus… I cleaned out my inbox this morning and promptly, yep, erased your address… (hangs head)… could you send it to me again???

  7. Cootera said,

    Great post!! I wish I wasn’t at work so I could more fully respond and spend more time. Next weekend I’m going home to visit my folks (and meet Celti!!), and my stepdad and I always get into late night discussions of quantum mechanics, alternate realities, time, you name it. He has single-handedly reawakened my love of science. I want to gather up all his Richard Feynman, John Gribbin, et al., books and do nothing but stay home and read them. It’s all just so overwhelming when you think of how science relates to the very fundamental essence of yourself. Grasping the visceral ‘knowledge’ that is inherent within each human… well, that’s just better than an orgasm. Maybe. Anyway, once again, GREAT POST, Inanna!

  8. Inanna said,

    Ang – WOW!! Awesome! I hope I didn’t get anything wrong. Check out this website http://www.thefinaltheory.com. Debunking science etc. and quantum mechanics and showing us all the problems. After all, they are JUST theories but no one really knows how it all works. Like, what holds the atom together? Why don’t the electrons go flying off somewhere else? Or do they? Why is magnetism stronger than gravity and what role does that play in our universe? Fascinating stuff!!!

  9. Cootera said,

    I’m heading to the final theory next…
    The last anthropology class I took before graduating was all about debunking such thoughts as ghosts, dowsing, New Age thought, etc. Thoroughly enjoyable in a really lax kind of way; good reading list. The prof didn’t get tenure, though, so he didn’t much care about how he was teaching; but it sure had the potential. Unfortunately, I gave as little effort to get an ‘A’ because I was taking another class at the time AND working six days a week.

    Also, if you haven’t heard of it, check out a book by Masaru Emoto called ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’. Completely enthralling stuff…

  10. evilsciencechick said,

    Gah! My brain hurts. I have waaaay too difficult a time dealing with this dimension, let alone worrying about other Regans in other dimensions!

    One comment, though. You said, almost in passing:
    ” Part of me wonders at this point, if this could be more of an explanation for distant metastases in cancer patients more so than the medical science of transmission by blood vessels or the lymphatic system”

    Nah. As cancerous tumors develop, some of the cells lose their “stickyness.” The cells that make up our tissues have signals on their outer membranes that cause them to stick together (danger danger…oversimplification in progress!). When they lose this property, they can detach and drift away, either in the blood vessels or lymph system. They can travel pretty far before lodging somewhere and starting a whole new tumor.

    Interesting stuff, though!

  11. Inanna said,

    Its okay Regan, I’ll worry about any other Regans out there for you. Thanks for the explanation for the spread of cancer – I was merely brainstorming and, ummmm… thinking? writing? out loud.

  12. el sid said,

    wow! what an awesome post! i’m not the worlds most scientifically inclined person, but this stuff is really fascinating to me. i have alot of the same sort of beliefs (parallell universes, synchronicity, et al) so it’s interesting to see my thoughts presented in a much more coherent nature than i could possibly do myself.

    see, that didn’t even really make a lot of sense.

    good work!!!

  13. Aimee said,

    Oh my god, Nann, I have goosebumps! That post was phenominal. You reached right into my brain and grabbed the thoughts about synchronicity in bloggville–when we started, who we know, how we met–before I could actualize my thoughts into fully formed ideas. Rock on!

    FYI though, this post is NOT hard to read. It’s absolutely fascinating. Thank you SO MUCH for taking so much time on it for us. I feel honored. Seriously, I’m all goose-bumpy. Sheesh–I can’t even form a coherent sentence about my reaction to this topic because I’m just to bowled over by it.

    Wow. 🙂

  14. Inanna said,

    El Sidra – Thanks girl, I bow as your humble minion. There is so much more… how gravity is really not gravity, as they don’t know what it is. Why are electro-magnetic forces stronger than “gravity” and what exactly holds the atoms together anyway? I’ve wanted to research quantum physics for a long time… but one slow, ponderous step at a time.

    Aimee – You’re the only one who mentioned the synchronicity of blogland, which kinda surprised me. Didn’t mean to make you all goose-bumpy. I really have wanted to explore this and it was a way for me to think out loud and put thoughts on “paper” and figure out some things…. but really figure out nothing because scientists don’t even know… its all theory. It’s a starting place though and looking forward to reading more material on it which I’m sure to blog about later. :o)

  15. phoebe said,

    Sister Spirit — I, too, have thought about the sychronicity of blogland before… Synchronicity, in general, fascinates me. Here’s my crazy thought: maybe synchroncity is the effect of some of my particles replacing some of your particles (and vice versa), which we then absorb as our own particles, but which carry with them knowledge of the directions we were each heading… altering our trajectories such that our paths become “destined” to cross… Don’t know if that even makes sense outside of my own head… But, anywyay, thank you much for the food for thought. 🙂

  16. Inanna said,

    Sister Moon – That is absolutely incredible and what a THEORY!! Now, if we could just PROVE it!! Actually, I thought a lot about that theory today in explaining psychics, deja vu and other phenomena… as in, if there are 10 dimensions, what is to say the particles are able to cross those dimensions and retrieve information, or as you said, they just transfer and are absorbed by another party? Or as I said before, perhaps some are just able to excite the electrons to a higher frequency and in doing so are able to access other dimensions? Maybe I should re-think going back to school for journalism…. nuclear fusion is pretty interesting too.

  17. Zelda said,

    Inanna – You and Jethro should talk sometime. A lot of what you are saying relates to some aspects of chiropractic.

  18. Seeker said,

    My God.. leave it to you women to fuck up an incredibly simple concept.

    Science = man’s definition of how things affect him.

    Majic, Majick, Magic, Magick, Magik = All terms used by laymen in previous historical periods where scientific discovery had not yet reached the point of explainable cause and effect of a particular issue.

  19. Inanna said,

    Leave it to a man to oversimplify and reduce the significance of something important to someone else.

  20. Seeker said,

    Aw Big sis come on now =)

    You know that I am right, and you are just taken aback that yet again I am right; as I am almost always!

  21. Inanna said,

    I notice you quantified that with “almost”… 😀 Glad your back!!!

  22. kenju said,

    Fascinating! I am a fan of synchronicity in our everyday lives, and I believe that the people with whom I have “bonded” through blogging were meant to be in my life (if only through the computer) and it would happen sooner or later.

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