September 28, 2004 at 10:10 am (Uncategorized)

I have developed quite a loathing for my neighbors, nice as they are. I’m so sick of how they neglect their child. The Lonely Child comes to my home to take a shite because they don’t have toilet paper. God knows what they use to wipe with, maybe their hand.

I noticed through is ill-fitting jeans that he his underwear are threadbare and have a hole in the top of them. Also, when they were drying clothes at my house I noticed several of his pairs of underwear have split up the front seam and are as thin as tissue paper. Most of his shirts are too small are beginning to creep up his rather bulbous stomach. His jeans continually ride down in the back exposing whatever happens to be there. Not to mention, they’re at least an inch too short.

Although they expect him to walk or ride his bike to school, he normally catches a ride with me. They don’t supply him with an umbrella or a raincoat. We’ve experienced quite a bit of rain from the backlash of hurricanes and yet he’s expected to walk home without even a jacket on his back. I doubt he has one that fits. He borrowed my poster of Legolas and my Hobbit book for his literature fair. I put all of it in my car this morning to make sure it got to school.

Never do I see either of his parents poke their head inside the school to see what is going on. Whether Nate’s dad likes it or not, I call him and tell him he’s going to be at the school if I can’t for one of Nate’s projects.

Now, you say, they’re obviously poor. Well, if The Lonely Child’s mother can show off her brand new tennis shoes while her son’s toes are cramped or poking through the end of his, then yeah, I guess they’re poor. If The Lonely Child’s dad can schlep in $900 worth of food for their fat guts a month, then yeah, I guess they’re poor. If they can afford to buy a 24 pack of beer but not a raincoat or an umbrella, then, yeah, I guess they’re poor.

I’ll admit that I spoil myself ocassionally, and I know I should, but my son does not go without clean, well fitting underwear and clothes, or shoes, or a jacket.

Its quite clear to me that neither of The Lonely Child’s parents should have ever been parents. They are far too selfish, self-absorbed and lazy to make any necessary sacrifices for the well-being and self-esteem of their offspring. If they didn’t have the money, that would be one thing, but they do. How much time does it take to go to Wally World and buy a $6.99 bag of underwear??

Now, here’s where it gets interesting… they bought him another bike for his birthday after his was stolen so he can ride to school… so they don’t have to take him. He’s TEN FREAKIN’ YEARS OLD!! He spent the entire summer alone at his house. He spends every afternoon alone if his mom works over, which is normal the closer we get to Christmas. And you know why? Because his parents are too freakin’ cheap to pay $30.00 a week for afterschool care. His parents also wait until one of her sister’s sees “his need” and then let her go out and buy his clothes etc. for him. After all, her sister and her husband make more money, so why should they spend theirs??? Yeah, that’s their attitude… WHAAA???

Even more interesting is the role I take in The Lonely Child’s life. Last night he and Nate got into it and TLC ends up banging on my door because Nate locked him out. I come out of my cubbyhole. I hate it when someone bangs on my door. I hate slamming doors. I unlock the door and TLC begins to state his case to me about Nate having his game, which I know and I’ve already told Nate to get the game out of the PS2 to give it back. I told him in no uncertain terms he was never to bang on my door like that again. He tried to interrupt but I talked to him just like I talk to Nate. Do not piss off the Mommy.

One time he slammed the door of my house and I followed him home and dressed him down in front of both of his parents, right in their living room. They just sat and looked at me. Running home doesn’t do him any good either. I really think TLC’s parents tell him he can do shite, knowing that I will tell Nate no, so then TLC will not go either, making me the bad guy.

For example, there is a park at the end of my street… waaaay at the end of the street, like 3/4 of a mile. Its right outside the projects and on a busy throughway from the tunnel. A lot of older kids hang out there. I do not like that park. I will take the boys ocassionally but for the most part I want them to stick closer to home. So, Nate comes in asks if he can go to the park at the end of the street. Hell no, no way, no how and no I’m not taking you today. Well, naturally TLC’s parents said he could go. I told Nate that if TLC wanted to go then he could but he was not going to that park without an adult. Its too far and too much riffraff hangs out there.

Nate says, “Well, TLC’s parents said for us just not to talk to anyone.” Ah fuck that!!!! His dad’s reasoning is that he ran around all the time when he was a kid and he didn’t have to be home until the street lights came on. Yeah, so did I… in the late 70’s. I’m so afraid we live in a different world now fucktard.

Okay, shit, I’m done ranting about them. It does no good.


  1. phoebe said,

    TLC makes my heart hurt.

  2. AJ said,

    His parents make my head hurt too…

  3. dougs510 said,

    My kids mom was never around. She stayed drunk and just didn’t participate. I used to hate her for that, but then as they grew up, I felt sorry for her. She missed out. She missed out on softball, school plays, 1st day of highschool, band competitions, etc. etc. She died 2 months ago of an overdose and it broke my heart. I’m not sure why, maybe for the kids, or maybe for her. Some people just don’t get it.

  4. Vadergrrrl said,

    Your such a kind and empathetic person. Its hard not to get involved in the neglect of children. You are definately making a difference by helping.


  5. Gooch said,

    I am constantly amazed by the vanity and selfishness of some people. My friend is always telling me about his neighbors, who outfitted their home with *TWO* big-screen TV’s and bought the latest top-of-the-line SUV before buying their son a bed(he slept on the floor of his room). Priorities, I guess

  6. Michael said,

    Some of my parents’ stupid friends criticized them for spending so much on my sister and my top-college education, whereas the friends spend the $ on fancy cars and state-of-the-art techno gadgets. I think my parents could’ve afforded both, but didn’t give a shit about the toys.

  7. Michael said,

    Oh, and did I make a bad decision letting you choose my Inanna-original gift? Really? I trust you, Inanna!

  8. Lül@ said,

  9. Jethro said,

    And people wonder why the youth of America are growing more and more out of control. Those people don’t deserve to be parents.

  10. Outburst said,

    This post has been removed by the author.

  11. Outburst said,

    Yes, some people should not have children. Not because of genes, because genetics can be overcome with care, considertation and love.
    Some people should not have children because they can not be bothered to put in the time and effort to actually give a shit about their children, what they’re doing, how they’re getting around in this world and what kind of things they’re teaching their kids.
    I figure in another year or two, if I’m still unmarried, without kids, I should adopt. Like you, I won’t be perfect, but I’ll be a hell of a lot better than a lot of the people I see around me with kids who should be locked up with mental checks administered every six months or so.

  12. Leslie said,

    Oh, Inanna. The whole situation just makes me so angry. You’re right to rant!

  13. Esther said,

    It’s just sad.

  14. Inanna said,

    Thanks to everyone who commented and feels such sympathy and empathy for TLC. He has sooo much potential… and I fear it will be wasted. I heard him tell Nate this morning that his dad was going to buy him some kind of DragonballZ thingy, I thought, “how about some freakin’ clothes? or shoes?” but they buy him things to shut him up and it doesn’t take much to see that he overeats for emotional comfort. Literally, he eats until he gags himself. Yes, very sad. Sigh. On with the day.

  15. lucidkim said,

    I have so many thoughts. I guess the first one is that I need to be a better mother. I don’t neglect my girls, but I know how it is to feel like handing them something so they’ll be quiet instead of spending time with them. I never buy myself ‘toys’ and let them go without – it doesn’t even occur to me to do that or that buying them what they need is a bother. It’s what you do.

    Part of me wanted to ask what size TLC was, could I send something, etc. Then I thought of my sister and her daughter. She and her husband buy themselves stuff and wait for me and my mom to buy their daughter clothes for school, etc. Buying the child what they need only makes the parents worse “good, now I don’t have to.” In this situation, the little boy is the loser every which way. I’m glad he has you for a neighbor. 🙂


  16. Inanna said,

    Thanks Kim, I try. I also let Nate do his thing, so don’t feel bad. I try to do both, let him have space and then we do our thing.

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