And The Winners Are…. (With Special Blogger Offer)

September 24, 2004 at 8:59 am (Uncategorized)

Celti – for getting 14 out of 15… T-Bird was the answer to #6. Don’t kick yourself.

Ang – for getting just as many but for remembering that I was born a month early.

Mike – your answers were closer to reality not to mention, you cracked me up!! ;o)

Thanks for playing. Please e-mail your requests to my inbox. If you would like a bracelet please specify wrist size in inches. I suggest you send me the exact size that would make you comfortable. As in, my wrist is 5 1/2 inches but I make my bracelets a little bigger. Amulet bags are a new thing so someone pick that so I can practice. They are big enough for a house key and a tube of lipstick, at least I think so, since I’ve never made one. I’m sure I can make them bigger. Specify if you would like one that hangs around your neck or has a wrist strap.

Wall hangings take forever. Your wait will be long. Whatever you guys want I will be more than happy to try and reproduce. Oh, and for other bloggers, if you guys would like something personalized please e-mail me. I would only ask a nominal fee to help with beads and shipping. Five to ten dollars or so. But that’s just a blogger fee. If I get much better at this I’m going to have to start selling them for real.

I know I haven’t posted any pics yet but bear with me. Right now I’m working on a wall-hanging for my boss for Christmas. It has the Star of David at the top and then their family name spelled down the length. I’ll then take this and sew it to a piece of material and then embroidery the edges with scrollwork or other symbols. Haven’t decided yet. I’ve worked on it for 15 hours and I have the star done and the first two letters of their name and about 1\3 of the next letter. Its 33 beads wide. That’s about 3 1/2 to 4 inches.

My boss, the one I actually work for, will get one too. His will have a basset hound at the top of it. Yeah, I found one yesterday at the library that I can use. The problem with beadwork, is the you are limited in your color ranges. DMC thread used for cross-stitch has about 10,000 colors, comparatively in beadwork you have 10. Okay, more than that, but you get the idea. I have to choose my patterns for simplicity but with the most amount of detail.

I purchase beads from In their “beads, beads, beads” section you can click on Czechoslovakian sead beads and see the colors I have to work with. I also use the reproduction beads and white center beads, also from Wandering Bull. I use whatever I can get my hands on. These beads are very high quality. Beads I’ve purchased from Michael’s or Wal-Mart, I can only use about 2/3 of them because the holes are too small or the bead is warped. The beads from Wandering Bull are EXCELLENT!!! I maybe, maybe don’t use one bead out of every four or five hundred. Twelve lines of beadwork is roughly four hundred beads so… last night I strung about 660 beads.

And Celti, I found an excellent book at the library with tons of celtic knots and symbols in it yesterday. Naturally, I thought of you.

Anyway, if anyone would like something, let me know. Love to all of yas!!!

And Zelda, thanks for the idea. Props to you!!!


  1. Celti said,

    WOW! I didn’t think I would really get a prize! Woo hoo! You know I want something with a celtic theme…I’ll have to think on that. I’ll also have to check out Wandering Bull. I am a bead freak, too, but buy most of mine at our local bead shop or on ebay.

    Thanks so much for the treat!

  2. Inanna said,

    Actually Celti I was thinking of a white satin amulet bag with celtic symbols and striking green beadwork, but that’s just me. ;o) You’re welcome sweetie!!

  3. Cootera said,

    No way!! How exciting! I feel like I just won the lottery… Yeehaaaaaw!!

  4. Celti said,

    That sounds fabulous – can we make it black instead of white, though? That would be wonderful. Thanks, doll!

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