What I Did Tonight

July 25, 2004 at 4:13 am (Uncategorized)

I’ll try not to take anyone’s blog ideas with this post.  (wink)

I finally crawled out of bed at 4:00 p.m.  I had drank the night before with new medication and I was feeling very sluggy.  I vowed to answer everytime the phone rang. One, because the Caller ID is in the kitchen and I didn’t want to get out of bed.  Two, I wanted to stop telemarketers from bothering me.  So, I fielded two calls from people looking for a towing company.  On the second call I ascertained they were calling from a state north of me.  They had used the wrong area code and got me.  Sorry, no towing here.

I also pissed off the Troopers Association and some person trying to get me to take out a new Mastercard.  My mother called and talked at me for 45 minutes and I talked to my friend KC.  In between all of the phone calls I lounged with three or four of my eight cats.  The mistress sleeps, we all sleep.

I trudged out of bed and checked the e-mail, chatted for a bit and decided, wow, I’m hungry.  So, off I went to get breakfast at 6:00.  I got to T-Bird’s at 6:35 and caught the end of “When KISS Ruled the World,” funny, I thought they still did.  Did you know the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body?  And Gene Simmons is one strong man!! 

VH1 was running their “100 Best Moments of Metal” but they started at 80… dunno why, but I sat and watched the whole thing.  I love the 80’s hair band, headbangers, metal gods… That’s my kind of music.  So, then I got woke up finally at 11:00.  Then, what to do?  T-Bird and one of her friends had left me at her apartment watching TV and her ex-husband was puttering around but I knew I had that Winger CD in my car.  Off I go.

First, I picked up two packs of cigs and secondly, went looking for my friend AZ.  I drove by one place of employment, not there that I could tell.  Went by his house, not home.  Swung back by the place of employment… ahhh, there he is, hiding in the back.  I buzzed up his cell phone.  He was happy to hear from me and invited me in.  (This is where we got caught by the fax machine, hee hee) 

Now, I’ve mentioned AZ a few times.  He and I have been friends for 12 years.  Trust me, he is darkness, I am light.  However I am yin, he is yang.  Although the dark part of the yin-yang symbol is dark, due to the moon and yin is the light part due to the sun… Sun God = Ra, Moon = the Goddess, at least in my religion but otherwise… eh, male and female energies.  AZ is 6’0″, maybe 6’1″ and I’m 5’3″. He’s dark-headed and dark-eyed and I’m blond and blue-eyed.  I think Gene Simmons wrote the song “Charisma” about him.  (By the way, that song is on Gene Simmons’ solo album, which was released about 1978)  And… hmmmmm… AZ reminds me Gene Simmons, just less make-up and the tongue thing.  Its something about the wickedness in the eyes.

Anyway, I’ll do a dissertation on my history with AZ another time.  I will say, he is my best friend.  When I was seeing Lex it was difficult for me to write or talk to him in some ways because he and Lex were friends or at least they work together and actually get along.  Now I know why AZ never fixed me up with any of his friends. It sucked.  I didn’t feel like it was cool to diss one of his friends to him and I think he was a little jealous.  Now, I’m getting into this whole thing.  Sigh.  Okay, AZ and I have never dated.  Not that I think we didn’t want to at times, it just was never the right time.  When the shit gets deep though, we call each other, not our significant other at the time.  Its telling me something but not sure if he’s hearing it yet.

I digress.

So, I walk in and we go to the front office where he’s on the computer.  I immediately just sacked out in the floor and he asked about my day.  I asked about his. 

Then he got up and I knew he was tired because he works all. the. time.  But, he had me in front of him and was giving me directions.  It felt like “Spinal Tap” being in the bowels of this business  and having no idea where I was going, which ended up being a conference room.  We each grabbed a seat.

If there is silence between us its companionable but tonight, since we hadn’t had much of chance to talk lately, we caught up on everything.  He told me about taking his 91 year old grandmother to the casinos. How cool is that???  He said she had a cigarette in one hand, feeding the machine quarters with the other.  She won too.  Go Nana!  For the most part though, he worked on her house.  He’s good that way.  I rubbed his back and his feet because I’m good that way. 

Its amazing how many people are out and about at 1:00 in the morning.  Finally, a lady came in and began to talk our ears off and we inched, I mean inched our way to the door.  We gave the one-armed hug and I took off.  He buzzed my cell 3 minutes later.  We would have never gotten out of there if he hadn’t done that.  Hahaha.  So, he’s home with his dog and I’m home with my cats (told you we were yin and yang). 

Luckily, I just put minutes on my phone because we used up 36 of them.  Then we talked 10 or so more minutes on my home phone.  He told me how glad he was to talk to me and I him.  I’ve missed him.  I told him I would see him Wednesday, hopefully.  Maybe next weekend we will get together and watch a movie and I’ll massage his hands. That man loves a hand massage just about more than other things. (heh, I said almost)

Anyway, now I’m wide fucking awake.  I get back up, get my CDs and get in the car and proceed to drive and drive and drive, listening to Winger and other 80’s shit.  I almost hit two deer in the fog.  Got that damn shitter off my ass for sure when I slammed the brakes on.  He rode a little further back after that.  Fucker.  Then some ass monkey wants to race me in the fog on the Interstate at 3:00 a.m.  Motherfucker, I’m sober as a judge and I don’t give a shit if the cops pull my ass over!!  He ate my dust in the fog.  

I get off the Interstate and back on the secondary and see a whole shit load of blue lights.  I’m thinking its a DUI checkpoint, which is cool since I’m not drunk.  There is that little issue of my inspection sticker being expired… oops.  But no, thank goodness, it looked like a raid on a bar or something.  There were eight cop cars there, blocking most of the patrons in.  Oh well, there shittin’ luck.  I came home, popped in some Cinderella and XYZ and I’m still awake at 5:13 a.m.  Will attempt sleep here shortly.  Wow, its been a great night.


  1. Seeker said,

    haha you said ass monkey

  2. Queenie said,

    Sounds like the best fun to me!


  3. AJ said,

    Wow you just reminded me of how lucky I’ve been to have been stopped twice by a cop, once for speeding on the interstate and once at a DUI checkpoint. Both times I’m sure I was quite drunk enough to be DUI’ed. I guess I must hide it well, but MAN, I get chills every time I think of them!

    In the checkpoint instance, my plate tag sticker was expired, but luckily I had just gotten it the day before and it was in my glove box. The cop just asked me to get out of the car and put it on, which I did forthwith! ‘Ol Edgar Allen Poe had nothin’ on me at that point, as I was *sure* that the cop would be able to hear how loudly my heart was beating! *LOL*

    I finished putting the sticker on my license plate and he let me go on my way. Gawd I felt like I’d gotten a pardon my the Governor! I haven’t had a Long Island Iced tea ever since…

    Keep up the good work, Inanna! 🙂

  4. Vadergrrrl said,

    how are the new meds working out? i just got off mine, while my son is away, but i may need to get back on them when he returns. its hard being a single parent, as you know.
    -i love you sister soldier. here is a big hug for you.

  5. Seeker said,

    quit bogartin’ the Bong hun!

  6. jp said,

    I read and re-read, but didn’t see “jp” listed anywhere on the “things you did” post. :o(

  7. Greg said,

    We may need to swap music sometime. Sounds like we have similiar taste.

  8. Inanna said,

    Seeker — ASS MONKEY!!! And no bongs, not anymore.

    Q — Yes, the best kind of fun

    JP — You wish

    Greg — SWEET!! Check out my new post.

    I missed somebody, oh AJ — Luck of the devil man.. been through that a few times myself!! Still missing someone.. damn, need Haloscan.. whoever you are.. THANKS!!!

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