Just a Journal Entry

June 30, 2004 at 9:31 am (Uncategorized)

My eyes close,
as I picture your face,
Your scent falls around me,
I am lost in your essence,
Floating, unstable,
Breath escapes in sighs,
I sacrifice myself to you,
Your lips grazing
the curve of my shoulder,
I burn, turn in the darkness
and miss you.

I’d like to think the Beaufriend is withdrawing from me because of his overwhelming love but instead I stand in front of the mirror and ask, “Are you being an idiot?”
“What compels you my dear to wade through this insanity?”
“Because I don’t trust him.”
“Who don’t you trust?”
“Who don’t you trust?”
“Who don’t you trust?”



  1. jp said,

    See, and I thought you were having a dream about me for a second. :o)

    Seriously, that sucks. Just give him time.

  2. Vadergrrrl said,

    Hey sweetie hot mamma MILF!
    -I LOVE your poem, you are quite AMAZING! Hey, dont worry about no disposable sex toy, there is always another one to come around.
    -Break ups are so hard…. I know, the ego always takes a nose dive. My advice, find yourself some young, dumbass kid and have a mrs. robinson affair. No strings, no drama, just fun. (like 19 – 24)
    Thats how Stella got her groove back!

  3. jp said,

    I can pretend to be 19-24. I mean, all I really have to do is drink beer, look disinterested and say duuuuuuude a lot, right? :o)

  4. Inanna said,

    JP — Thanks. It helps when a guy weighs in. (Hey, was that you in my wet dream this morn??)

    Vader — Thanks also. I glad you enjoyed my poem. I just kind of puked it out this morn. I’ve tried the younger, stud muffin deal. Uh, didn’t work well with me. But thanks for the advice anyway. Love your blog girrrl..I’m Bettie!!

  5. Inanna said,

    No JP, you keep your mouth shut and your dick hard!

    BTW…I did post late last night but then posted again this morn. So, don’t miss out on the first installment of my 4 part series dealing with my younger drinking days.

  6. Inanna said,

    DAMN IT!! Vader — the Beaufriend and I did not break up. He simply goes through these spells where he withdraws, normally around a holiday. ANY holiday. I think he is afraid of making memories on days which otherwise carry significant meaning. The Drunk Boyfriend told me he was leaving on Hyper-Boy’s b-day. What a guy.

  7. jp said,

    I’d post something but I’m concentrating the whole mouth shut and dick hard thing you’re talking about. :o)

  8. Inanna said,

    Why? Do you have to keep your mouth open to pump it up? ;o)

  9. jp said,

    No…I prefer that you pump it up. ;o)

  10. Queenie said,

    I like the truth found in you. It is why I keep coming back, Inanna.


  11. Jack said,

    Finally! I’ve been trying to access your blog for two days now, but each time,it said page was not available. I’m glad I kept trying, I like your writing, your stories, your poetry, and your attitude.

  12. Seeker said,

    JP you sound like a hard up bastard chill duuuuude!

  13. jp said,

    Seeker – you say that like it’s a bad thing. 😉

  14. Inanna said,

    Jack — Thank you so much. I really enjoy your blog. I did have trouble accessing a lot of blogs recently and have had to try a couple of times myself. Glad you made it.

    Seeker — Thanks bud.

    JP — (shakes head)

  15. jp said,

    I’m hurt. Really, I am. ;O)

  16. evilsciencechick said,

    Hey – inanna, jp – get a room! 🙂

  17. Inanna said,

    Queenie — Your comment brings to mind a passage from the book “The Wolf’s Hour” by Robert McCammon. After much searching, I found my copy, bound with duct tape now and here’s the passage:

    “Wiktor reached into the fire and pulled out a bit of fiery branch, holding it where the flames had not yet charred. ‘Truth is like fire, Mikhail,’ he said. ‘It either heals or it destroys. But it never – never – leaves what it touches unchanged.’ His head slowly swiveled, and he stared at the boy. ‘Can you stand the flames of truth, Mikhail?'”

    Thank you for your comment.

  18. jp said,

    Sorry, I’ll tone it down. ;o)

  19. Inanna said,

    Evil — you payin’ for the room or shootin’ the video? LOL!

    JP — I always heard when a guy teases a girl he likes her. Awwwww…I’m so liked. Sorry man, I thought you were from WA. I like OR just as well. Got a great shot of Mt. Hood on the flight in…errr that is in OR right?

  20. jp said,

    Yes, Mt. Hood is in Oregon. And only about 45 miles from my front door.

    And what does it mean when the girl teases the guy back?

  21. Inanna said,

    It means she stalling in order to think up ways of making the man’s life hell. :o)

  22. jp said,

    What if his life is hell already?

  23. Inanna said,

    Then maybe she’ll get lucky and make him laugh occasionally.

  24. jp said,

    Ah, how I do love to laugh.

  25. Jay said,


  26. Inanna said,

    Yeah, Women! Bah! Evil, foul, loathesome, heeeyyyyyy!!! JAY!! Weezer!

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