Gimme That Old Time Religion

June 27, 2004 at 7:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I am a Wiccan. Click on the title above if you don’t know what I’m talking about or want to learn more. Interestingly enough, today’s topic on is not living life as a victim. I’ll post about that later.

I have a great love of religion and not just my own. I own 5 bibles, books on Judiasm and Jewish mysticism that is the “rage” in Hollywood, books on Buddhism, and just books on religion. I have yet to pick up a copy of the Koran but its on my list.

Whoever hasn’t heard something about Islamic extremists in the past 2 1/2 years has been under a rock in the desert hiding from deposed despot Saddam Hussein. I harbor no ill will towards Muslims, no more so than Baptists or Catholics or anyone else.

I own an Abaya set. This is the traditional Muslim dress for women. Do not confuse it with a burka. A burka is the head to toe covering with even the eyes covered. An Abaya is like a long dress with long sleeves that uses buttons, clasps or velcro to stay in place. With it came a shayla which is a long oblong scarf not be confused with a hijab which is a HUGE scarf. Muslims believe a woman should be modest, hence all the covering.

I see Muslims practically everyday in the city that I work. We have a Muslim population large enough that they have a beautiful Mosque in the town next to mine. One Muslim that I know is Jamal. He runs a cigarette store. I went in his store one day before 9/11 in a brilliant red dress I own. He looks at me, raises his eyebrows and in his soft voice says, “I love America!” (Smile)

I worried about him after 9/11. Worried that people would come after him or his store. I did venture over to his store where he always watches cable news channels. He and I stood and watched the news from Ground Zero. I asked, “well, what do ya think?” He turned to me and pulled his mouth into a frown, “I think, there are crazy people all over the world.” I think so too Jamal.

My aunt is very prejudiced against people who are not Christian. Her daughter, also a Wiccan but firmly in the broom closet, reminds her that America gives us the right to be any religion we want. My aunt responds with, “Yes, the right to be a Christian.” OY!

I don’t blame all Muslims for 9/11. Nor do I blame all Christians for witch burnings, nor believe all Catholic priests are pedophiles. Let’s be honest, any religion can draw freaks. Waco anyone? Nor do I believe I have the right to try and convert anyone away from their religious beliefs. Extremism, yes, their religion, no.

I worked at a portrait studio for three years, major chain. A few Muslim women would bring their children in. One in particular you would never know was Muslim. She obviously loved western culture. The other dressed in an Abaya and shayla. I was out the studio when this occurred so it is second hand. The typically dressed Muslim comes to the studio sans children and tells T.C. that she wants to get a portrait taken for her husband.

She also tells T.C. that she cannot look at her while she takes off her scarf. T.C. is like, okay, no problem and directs her to the back of the studio for privacy. I believe she also told T.C. that no one, NO ONE, can see her with her scarf off, even T.C. If I’m remembering correctly, T.C. argued that she HAD to look at her to take the picture and warned her that at least ten other people would see the picture during developing etc. The Muslim woman appeared concerned and then decided to go ahead with it.

T.C. left her alone and the Muslim woman called for her when she was ready. She had taken off the Abaya and Shayla. She had on an ornate long sleeved blouse and nothing else. T.C. freaked. She explained to the woman that she couldn’t just traipse around in our studio half nude. Now, this is a woman who didn’t want T.C. to see her without her head covering on but is now half-nude. OY!! Her rationale was that she just wanted the picture from the waist up. OY!!

T.C. finally covered up her bottom with a drape and took the pictures. Naturally the pictures were flagged so when they came in we could see her. I didn’t recognize her. She was gorgeous. A very naturally beautiful woman. Stunning. So, in that instant, I really understood Muslims a little more, at least the religion and the whole modesty thing.

So, when I see Muslim women out and about, I think to myself, “I wonder what she’s wearing under there?”

Next Time: Hey Mom! Baptists are on the Porch!


  1. Leese said,

    I love this post and wow…didn’t have a clue you were Wiccan. That group is so misunderstood.
    I totally agree with you. I think all religions have their own freaks. I belong to a very conservative Church and some of my friends ask me why I stay. I just tell them that Churches are made up of people and people are not perfect. You have to join a Church for its teachings and beliefs system, not the people.

  2. Inanna said,

    Thanks Leese. Deep down, all religions share the same fundamental structure. Just wish more people would try to look for the similarities in faith, as opposed to the differences.

  3. Leese said,

    hey inanna, babe…
    thanks for the comment on buzznet. you’re making me blush here…:-)…i hope you don’t mind, i took out the comment just to keep everyone guessing who it’s been a fun game!
    luv ya and hugs to HB!

  4. Leese said,

    you’re one of only two people who knows it’s me 😉

  5. Zelda said,

    You sound way too cool to be a Wiccan, but then the only Wiccans I ever met were a poor little inbred Marine who had two rows of teeth and these idiotic girls in college who anointed their loins in cinnamon oil and proclaimed that they had just saved the world. I don’t hold it any other Wiccans though. I know a lot of Baptists. I think the danger from Muslims comes from their loony governments trying to mix their politics with their religion. That’s why there is only one (soon to be two) democracies over there. Secular Muslims are totally cool. They are religious, conservative by our standards, and most importantly don’t try to impose their religion. The Muslim extremists however, make Nazis look civilized and they scare me.

  6. Zelda said,

    I didn’t mean anything offensive to you about the Wiccan thing. I was trying to be funny and I probably failed.

  7. Inanna said,

    LOL!! Annointed their loins with cinnamon oil??? OY! I don’t take offense. Maybe I should try that.. hee hee

  8. Zelda said,

    I wouldn’t recommend it. I, in my passion of Christian charity, offered to put aloe on them. I nearly became a Christian lesbian. But that is a severe digression.

  9. evilsciencechick said,

    There are freaks in every religion. I’m sad whenever I hear things about so-called Christians putting down gays, protesting at women’s clinics, and the many other horrors done in the name of christianity. They make us “normals” look bad.

    Wiccan, huh? Cool! I’ve always felt there was a little pagan in me 🙂 I’ll show my ignorance here: do you dance naked at the summer solstace! That would be fun. Or is that the druids?

    Heehee: you said “loins” 🙂

  10. Inanna said,

    Evil — I have been known to dance naked under a full moon but I missed the Summer Solstice gathering this year, DARN IT!! Yes, I said “loins”, hee hee but Zelda said it first!

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