Cats Are Like Potato Chips… You Can’t Have Just One (Part III)

June 26, 2004 at 3:00 pm (Uncategorized)

I wanted a black cat. Naturally, the nabes cat came up pregnant AGAIN… small wonder there as she’s NOT FIXED! I said if she had a black kitten I would take it. NOT SO!! She had three, two were black and white. Awww shit…frig, okay. I was really hoping they would be a boy and a girl. I wanted to name them Boris and Natasha or Gomez and Morticia. Sorry, both girls. So, they’re Natasha and Morticia. They are twins, except for the toe on Natasha’s left foot and the fact that Morticia also has allergies and is practically bald at this point. OY!

As things happen, my financial situation after the Drunk Boyfriend moved out, prevented me from getting M & N fixed like I had the rest. So, they became strictly housecats until I could get my feet back under me. N. has no interest in going outside, even while in heat because she’s in love with Ozzy (and acts just like him.) M., unfortunately, made a beeline for any open door even when she wasn’t in heat. It was also extremely difficult to tell when she was in heat because she wasn’t a crier and whiner like her sister. Hyper-Boy and T.L.C. didn’t shut the door after them and allowed M. outside. This is how we got Mongoya (rest his soul), Napoleon, Lola and Ireland. OYYYYY!!!

Surprise, surprise. I always figured all the cats born of the calico (that’s Hermione, M. & N.) had Siamese in them. Sleek, trim bodies and triangular faces. It wasn’t until M. mated with her uncle, URG!, that it came out. Napoleon and Ireland look Siamese, except Ireland got her mom’s white feet. Lola, hee hee, is black with a little bit of white on her belly. Mongoya, who is memorialized in an earlier post, was black and white.

Since Mongoya’s death I have fought for the lives of the other kittens as they all contracted what he had. The vet has no clue what it is, just knows its not parasitic in nature. Luckily, he gives me a discount because we’ve had carnal knowledge of each other. I think (crosses fingers) that they are all on the path to recovery.

I also think I’ve given them a complex. I purposefully change the litterbox, the whole litterbox, not just scooping, when I have the time to stand around and watch them all come running to potty. Nothing draws cats like an entirely cleaned and disinfected litterbox. I stand and wait for each to take their turn so I can see how their bowels are functioning and if they need more meds or if its all good. I just laughed at myself for this (and I’m reminded of Seeker who has trouble with public restrooms and his own cat troubles. He’s linked here so if anyone has made it this far check him out and make sure you go potty beforehand.)

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  1. evilsciencechick said,

    Carnal knowledge of your vet! That’s one way to save on bills. Wish I had thought of that – sadie’s vet is kind of cute…

    You are now, of course, officially crazy cat lady, you know. Any more than two is a cry for help! 🙂

  2. Queenie said,

    You could have named the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley…


  3. Inanna said,

    Sorry Q, they’re already skinny enuff.. ewww low blow, low blow!

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