May 27, 2004 at 8:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello friends and others…friends first since they will be reading this first and may be the only folks to read it. So, thanks to whoever you are. P.K.C. I finally put some of my drunken musings in a public forum, check back for more after this weekend. It looks like it will be a wild ride.

For the rest of you..I have a kid and 9 cats. Not vice versa, I am still breathing and typing and yelling at the one kid. This is my extra-ordinary, and I do mean ordinary life. You will find bits of wisdom here, probably a lot of drunken rants that I take for wisdom and a bunch of potty mouth talk that my mother would wash my mouth out with soap over if she found out.

I work in the legal profession. Contrary to popular belief and Erin Brokovitch’s, not all lawyers are back-stabbing, scum sucking parasites, and I happen to work for the only 3 in the world who are not. No one will be named by name, you learn that in a law office, but you may recognize yourself but its purely by coincidence.

I don’t care much for stupid people and I make fun of them on a regular basis. If this is you, pass the brain cell you’ve been sharing with the other members of your family and see if you can figure out how to nail jello to a tree. If you think I’m stupid, you’re brain cell is bouncing and you should drink a case of beer, shoot out the windows of your own pick-up and blow up your double-wide with your meth lab.

I do have a beaufriend…I’m sure you’re feeling pretty sorry for him about now, but truly, I can be kind and loving, just not in the mood right now. Want sex? Anytime baby. Want kind and loving? Take a number. You really believe that out of a woman? What turnip wagon did you just fall off of?

You’re probably feeling sorrier for the child…that would be my darling Hyper-Boy-Who-Hates-School. After 14 doctors and $25,000 in medical bills, not to mention that 14″ head when he came out, gives me the right to call him whatever I want so get your finger off the speed dial to Child Services. There is no child in the world who can tell a better knock-knock joke and he’s so damn cute when he does it! He’s 7 by the way.

His dad, now there’s a Made-For-TV-Movie just waiting to happen. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about him later…no need to spoil the fun ahead of time.

And then there’s my mother, who attempts to give love life advice although she’s slept with and been married to the same man for 40 years and still cries that she doesn’t know where she stands. Again, I’ll not spoil the fun ahead of time.

So, that’s the introduction, I’ll try not to be so long-winded the next time. Welcome to Anything Goes.

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